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Welcome to the Tournament Tennis Online Shop.

    Tournament Tennis offers those juniors who are progressing to competition level with a suitable racquet ie. 26″ or 27″, racquet bag or backpack, hat, overgrips x3 and a T-shirt. Follow links to see bag options.

    This Competition Package              RRP $180     Tournament Tennis $150    (Example shown)

    aero-backpack-1-90x90 babolat_aeropro_drive_gt_26_junior_2013

    a026 hat overgrips




    Entry level racquets recommended for ages 3.5 yrs to 10 yrs of age.


    bab-nadal-junior-3prince_titanium_tour_21_junior_tennis_racket_prince_titanium_tour_21_junior_tennis_racket_2000x2000prince-pink-lite-26-junior-tennis-racquet_600_600Junior 21″, 23″, 25″ Racquets             RRP: $39   TournamentTennis: $30

    Junior players can imagine themselves taking the court as Spanish great Rafael Nadal with these junior racquet from Babolat or Prince. It’s ideal for beginners just starting out. This racquet features aluminum construction.





        Prince Tour Elite 26"

    Prince Tour Elite 26″ Graphite/Alloy

     RRP: $150   TournamentTennis: $100

     The Prince Tour Elite 25 ESP is made in a similar design as the rackets used by multiple doubles Grand Slam-winning champions, Mike and Bob Bryan and falls into Prince’s Spin and Control family.

    Head Size: 100in Weight: 220g Balance: 330mm Length: 25in Beam: 23-28-24mm String Pattern: 14 x 16 




    Babolat AeroPro Drive 26″ Full Graphite

     RRP: $149   TournamentTennis: $100

    Aerodynamic for faster strokes, the Babolat AeroPro Drive GT 2 Junior excels in spin and power. Rafael Nadal’s racquet, for Junior competitors who play from the back of the court and want power and the ability to create effective shots.

    Head Size: 100in Weight: 250g Length: 26in String Pattern: 16 x 19




    Tour-Elite-25 Prince Tour Elite 25″ Full Graphite

     RRP: $150   TournamentTennis: $100

    Inject some explosive power and spin into your competitor junior’s game with the Tour Elite racquet from Prince. It’s 25inch length is a good fit for kids ages 8-10. It features a 100% graphite construction and has Prince’s Extreme String Pattern technology just like a full-length adult frame.

    Head Size: 100in Weight: 225g Length: 25in String Pattern: 14 x 15




    All the racquets below are suitable for juniors making the transition from modified racquets to full size 27″ racquets. Certain specifications ie. light weight, grip size and more user friendly frame for the junior.

    Babolat E-Sense

    Babolat E-Sense Comp               RRP: $130   TournamentTennis: $100

    The Babolat E-Sense Comp features a 100% Graphite construction and a solid feel.  A light weight racquet that is a perfect transition from junior to adult.

    Head size: 102in Weight: 275g Length: 27in String Pattern: 16×19




    lightning_100Prince Lightning 100             RRP: $149   TournamentTennis: $100

    With the Lightning 100 Prince delivers a formidable weapon reminiscent of its best selling Thunder series from the late 90s. At just under 11 ounces, this stick is light and explosive – but make no mistake, this racquet is no lightweight. The head heavy balance and Triple Threat reinforcement at 10 & 2 not only gives it an impressive level of stability, but it puts extra mass behind the ball for easy power and penetrating depth.

    Head size: 100in Weight: 285g Length: 27in String Pattern: 16×19



    prince 100l

    Prince Tour 100L Textreme              RRP: $189   TournamentTennis: $150

    Hard charging juniors and intermediate level adults should love this light and maneuverable addition to the Textreme franchise. This racquet should also work quite well for strong beginners looking to take their game to the next level.

    Head size: 100in Weight: 270g Length: 27in String Pattern: 16×18



    These racquets below are suitable for the player who is wanting a little more out of their game. Tournament Tennis recommends these racquets to those around the intermediate to advanced level.

    Prince Tour 100T

    Prince Tour 100                 RRP: $250   TournamentTennis: $200

    The Tour 100 is flexible yet powerful, this racquet is ideal for precision baseliners looking to carve up the court with spin and control.

    Weight: 320g Balance: 7 pts HL Length: 27in Beam: 18.5mm / 20mm / 18.5mm String Pattern: 16×18








    Babolat Pure Drive & Lite

    Babolat Pure Drive 2013                RRP: $269   TournamentTennis: $150 (Drive) $200 (Lite)

    This racket is suitable to seemingly every playing style, the Pure Drive blends power, spin and a crisp and precise response. Babolat’s Cortex Active Technology updated the response for a cleaner feel.

    Weight: 315g (Drive) 300g (Team) 280g (Lite) Balance: 5 pts HL Length: 27in Beam: 23.5mm / 26mm / 23mm String Pattern: 16×19







    Prince T22                  RRP: $130   TournamentTennis: $120

    Sizes available: 7 & 7.5







    Prince Warrior            RRP: $150   TournamentTennis: $130

    Sizes available: 7 & 7.5





    Prince Backpack Orange 

    Prince Backpack                RRP: $99   TournamentTennis: $50








    Prince 3 Racquet Bag Green



    Prince Tour Team 3 Racquet Bag                 RRP: $90   TournamentTennis: $40





    Prince 3 Racquet Bag Pink




    Princess Triple Racquet Bag                 RRP: $50   TournamentTennis: $30



    Contact Occy   tournamenttennis@bigpond.com with any interest regarding products


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